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The Engineering Course is generally is of 4 years. During the first year the Students will be given the lessons from all the basic engineering subjects. That is Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics branches,Computer science lessons as well as workshops on survey, foundry, smithy, carpentry, and electrical wiring and electronics circuits are done in the first year of the Engineering course. In the second and third year, detailed study of the core subjects will be done. In this period the students will be exposed to their specialized area. They will conduct research on their subjects and formulate their own theories and assumptions. Experiments and observations are done on the proved one of great scientists. The final year of the Engineering is the year of Project, Seminar and Industrial visit. It is during the time of project and seminar, the true talent of a person comes outside. He will constantly work for making his project and seminar the best.When an Engineer sits before an Interview board, the first thing he needs to explain is about his seminar and project.                                                                  

The seminars and the projects are having that much importance. An Engineering student needs to work hard for the selection of a good seminar topic and project. The topics chosen must be unique and update. He also need to perform great researches to make the project and seminar successful. Internet is the best area for a technology aspirant to conduct his research. There are various websites favors the research and the doubts of the students. Discussions about every recent topic can be seen at various websites. The only thing the student has to do is to choose the best.

It is through Engineering, the creation, maintenance as well as destruction takes place. Engineers are the factors behind the new inventions and thus the progress of the country. There are various branches of Engineering such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Applied Electronics, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering etc. The branches of Engineering are innumerable. The areas that need the service of Engineers are very vast.




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