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Prerequisite for a presentation .

A presentation is not done just by visual aids and speech. It is very important the way you dress and the way you stand etc. Your physical appearance plays a great role. 'First impression is the best impression'. Audience would have made a mind set by the time you have stood on the dice and wished you audience.

    Once you are prepared with your presentation, it is important to note how you present it. One has to have a complete knowledge about the subject. The confidence plays a major role. Every human likes to talk to people who are confident about what they speak. Confidence is the mantra to convince someone. Playing with sleeves or necklace, rotating the pen or pencil or swaying hands, tapping feets shows you are least interested about the presentation. This would spread a negative vibes to the audience. So get comfortably dressed when giving a presentation. There is no dressing pattern that is followed however formals are preferable. 'A man is judged by his shoes' I have been hearing this. However now I say 'An individual is judged by the way he is dressed from tip of hair to tip of toes'. Dressing in designer wear would again not solve the purpose of your standing with mike. When I say being professional never means that stand in attention and deliver your talk and then sit back. You can speak naturally how you speak to your friend. Moving of hands and legs are permissible. However unnecessary swaying them and having an unturned movement would disturb the attention of the audience.
    Once you are dressed and ready for presentation, do you think this is enough? Not yet my dear reader. Once you reach the venue you will have to audit it I would say. Find out if you would be audible well to even the last person there. You will have to be assured that the first person does not hear an echo nor does he hear you so loud that ears have to be closed. The distribution of sound should be equal without and noise. You will have to also consider on where you should stand so that you are able to see the audience and at the same time you donot obstruct the presentation. Do not keep any disturbances close to you, mainly your dear to heart cell phones. Then wish the audience before you start and inclusively give a brief intro about you and the purpose you are there. For example "Halo everyone. Hope you are doing good today. I am Ms. Jesse John and am here to throw light on the way to give presentation. Hope it will be a time worthy for all here." At the end do thank them and show your concern to them. If required you can also give them you contact details for further query. "Thank you for being patiently listening to me. Hope I could make a proper utilization of time. Thank you for coming here. In case you have further query, you are most welcomed to contact me on 'email'.
    This article would have given you a good idea on how to get into the venue and what all should be taken into consideration. This will enable you to give better presentation. Today presentation has become a part of our life. The better you present yourself, the more acceptable you are. Wish you all a Happy Presentation.

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