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Good and Bad about Presentations.

A presentation is a way to express your thoughts on a topic of interest. The target audience can be a group of delegates, a peer group or a group of subordinates. The purpose of presentation is majorly to inform, to persuade and to build good will. It could be verbal as well as non-verbal. A presentation is worth when it is good. This article discusses about the betterment of presentation.


    For a presentation to be good one has to know the target audience and the purpose. This will help to attract the attention of the audience and also to make the presentation lively. While presenting one has to keep in mind that it should not be too long and it has to be interactive. The visual aids should also be appropriate. It should be imaginative and animated wherever possible. This would make the presentation lively and the audience would not even know when hours passed by.
    One has to be confident about the topic they are speaking on. Forgetting the lines, usage of fillers would lead to lose of attention and make it boring. An eye to eye contact with the audience and a fluent speech can show the confidence. One has to be highly organized while giving presentation. Shuffling of ideas would in turn confuse the audience and whole purpose of presentation would wander in air.  To get back to point after answering a query is mandatory. Audience is supposed to ask you questions and you are bound to reply them. However do not let them carry you into their world of queries. Usually a question answer session is kept at the last of the session to avoid disturbances.
    Attracting the attention of audience is very important as well as very difficult. To attract the attention one should never do other activities like swaying of hands or playing with pen etc. There should be modulation in the tone. This will give a rhythmic effect and make the speech an informative talk. Getting yourself tuned to the audience can give a personification to the presentation and make it more understandable. Giving details from your experience can motivate the audience. Hypothetical examples also can do well at various places.
    I remember going to a conference when I was just into my college. I did not know why I was there. Just went unwillingly as I was forced to do so. Around 6-7 scientists spoke on various topics. By the lunch I had lost complete interest as I could understand nothing about what was going on. I even could not explore where I was. After lunch I returned back and was ready to doze. Then a elderly scientist stood there and started speaking. Though then it was a high funda details for me, I felt I got a good picture of all that he spoke and at some point of time I could picturize it all. He did carry away all the audience with his words and experience that till date I remember them. A good presentation is not only informative but also memorable.
    A presentation is heard by audience only for 5 minutes. A good presentation can not only reward you hours of attention, also it would bonus you with numerous other calls. A person always wishes himself to be spoken well about and recognized. A theme plays a major role in presentation. The way you present it goes hand in hand with the theme. Many times we come across good topics and intelligent visuals even over net. However the presenter can add onto the presentation with the way he speaks and presents himself or he could even make a simple matter go overhead. Thus not only a topic but a good presentation can get you lot of attentions.

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