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VTU hit by marks scam ,VTU counters allegation

VTU has been rocked by a marks scam. It is being alleged that the marks of some 800 students have been internally manipulated to help them pass.

The results of challenge valuation for the July 2010 3rd,4th ,5th and 6th semester are under scanner where 3311 students had applied for challenge valuation and over 750 had declared pass. In one case a student scoring 15 marks in first valuation was awarded 51 marks after challenge valuation.

  • About 490 students have been awarded at least  10 or more marks compared to the first valuation and revaluation.
  • In about 66 cases the difference of marks is more than 20 compared to first valuation.

These discrepancies were highlighted in a letter by BJP MLC Ganesh Karnick to higher education minister V S Acharya , who ordered a probe into it.


To counter the allegations that a very high percentage 22.5% of students has passed the exams after challenge valuation in July 2010, VTU on Monday released statistics to prove higher pass percentage in earlier years.

In Jan 2006 41.9 % has passed whereas in July 2006 34.5 % has passed. The pass percentage has been falling since then to present level of around 20 % . The lowest being in July 2009 where only  19.7 % passed.

"This shows that even in earlier years there have been instances where a large number of students have passed the exams after applying for challenge valuation. In July 2010, only 930 out of the 4,115 students who applied for challenge valuation have passed the exams," VTU registrar (evaluation) G N Krishnamurthy said.


You can read the full article here VTU massive marks scam and  VTU counters charges chrges with stats.

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