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All aspiring professionals having a million dollar question before getting admission in respective course ,is a good placement.And the answer start with a resume.Living a work life that is productive and fulfilled depends to a large extent on how well you identify and utilize your dominant skills and talents.If anybody correctly match skills and interests to the right organization,company and job functions,chances are high that the work life will be a successful and a haapy.But all of these depends on the representing resume to the right place in a right way.Resume is a French word which means "to summarize",i.e; summary of qualifications,professional and voluntary experience,skill sets,academic accomplishments and other achievements.

The principle role of resume is to highlight the value to a potential employer,this is just like a relation of buyer-seller,you are promoting your product to the customer.Here the promoting medium is resume,think of it as a career brichure.A resume is a marketing tool used by individuals to secure a new job, a promotion, or an increase in salary.So the importance of a good resume remains same throughout the professional life.It is not an easy task making a good resume with all essential attributes placing in the right place.Why is it often that applicants may not even get a first call for interview? VTUBUDDY stands to help student taking this part of tension on behalf of students providing lot of tips,articles,resume format and resume construction.

Students will get an insight to what constitutes a good resume and how the recruiter would interpret the resume.


The following articles will help any job seeker to understand value of Resume.


1) Resume vs CV vs Biodata
2) Valuable Tips For A Good Resume
3) How Resume Can Influence Interviewer
4) Resume Mistakes
5) Resume Critique Worksheet
6) Resumes Online


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