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community guidelines

VTUbuddy is the dedicated professional networking site for VTU Students, Alumni, Faculty and visitors seeking information at professional bodies.

We believe VTUbuddy will:

  • Encourage dialogue among Alumni and Students
  • Serve as a platform for the dissemination of information and sharing of experiences by users
  • Create a sense of community as the global professional.

In order to achieve this, there are a few community guidelines we ask you to follow.

Professional and Keep it Real

VTUbddy is above all a professional networking site. There is a wealth of expertise in the professional body sector, and VTUbuddy  is a place for you to share, and learn from the experience of others.

We ask you to use your real name while not mandatory as far as possible. Using your “real name”  shows everyone that you are an active member  and that ensures credibility to community and help us fight spam and inappropriate activities .

We ask that you do not post any material that is inappropriate, or not directly related to your work. We think you'll have a much better online experience when you stand behind your actual words.


We also ask that you keep lines of communication open and respectful; we encourage debate and discussion, but personal attacks or harassment of others will not be tolerated and will be removed. Remember, you are responsible for the content you create.

Please notify us if there is an issue you would like to report.

Win friends and influence people

Get noticed! Get appreciated! Connect with people around your mutual interests. Talk about what you care about — your passions — in a way that reflects who you are.


Keep it a Nice place

We all have bad days, but the VTUbuddy is  not the place to take out your frustrations. Everyone should feel comfortable and welcome to participate without the risk of being flamed, insulted, or put down.

Be constructive with your criticism

Professional critics have something to teach us: They foster healthy conversation and debate without ever attacking people personally. Think about that when responding to others, and ask yourself the question: Would you say it to their face?


Copyrighted or Trademarked Materials

Don’t post any copyrighted material unless you’re the owner of said copyright .And it’s your duty to report any violation fond by you . Upon reporting we will identify the sorce and if it confirms that the material is under violation of copyright. We will remove it immediately with or without user consent.


Inappropriate Language

As we are a responsible professional person, and it should reflect in our language also. Its not the place to vent out your frustration ,to insult other ,hurt other’s sentiment based on region,religion etc. If you can’t behave please look for other place


We don’t believe in moderating other but we can ban a member if any criteria is fulfilled :

We receive reports about them from other users , found in spreading the rumors , indulging in indecent behavior ,found to uploading copyrighted material again and again ,found to upload obscene materials , violating adsesne policies, any action which harms the reputation of the VTUbuddy.

We reserve the right to ban that user, which means his or her account will be suspended.

Managing User Content

While each member is responsible for the content they post on the site (in the Forums, comment and discussion threads and blog), we have the right  to edit, remove, or restructure any post, comment  thread, blog or anywhere on the site.

Common Sense prevails

To list all the guidelines for all the possibilities is in itself a daunting task . We will add the guidelines when it’s become necessary to . Above all the common sense prevails.

Have a nice experience .

VTUbuddy Team


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