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Prerequisite for a presentation .

A presentation is not done just by visual aids and speech. It is very important the way you dress and the way you stand etc. Your physical appearance plays a great role. 'First impression is the best impression'. Audience would have made a mind set by the time you have stood on the dice and wished you audience.

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How to make presentation attractive and lively !

Are you in trouble while giving presentation just because you are not able to grab the attention of the listeners? There is nothing to worry about.We have found a way out. We here will discuss the magic of getting the audience into your world of speech. You can do this since the introduction to the end of the presentation.

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Good and Bad about Presentations.

A presentation is a way to express your thoughts on a topic of interest. The target audience can be a group of delegates, a peer group or a group of subordinates. The purpose of presentation is majorly to inform, to persuade and to build good will. It could be verbal as well as non-verbal. A presentation is worth when it is good. This article discusses about the betterment of presentation.

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10 important tips when taking a seminar


A speech needs time to grow. Prepare for weeks, sleep on it, dream about it and let your ideas sink into your subconscious. Ask yourself questions, write down your thoughts, and keep adding new ideas. As you prepare every speech ask yourself the following questions.

In one concise sentence, what is the purpose of this speech?
1) Who is the audience? What is their main interest in this topic?
2) What do I really know and believe about this topic as it relates to this audience?
3) What additional research can I do?
4) What are the main points of this presentation?
5) What supporting information and stories can I use to support each of my main points?
6) What visual aids, if any, do I need?
7) Do I have an effective opening grabber?
8) In my final summary, how will I plan to tell them "What's In It For Me?"
9) Have I polished and prepared the language and words I will use?
10) Have I taken care of the little details that will help me speak more confidently?

How to face a seminar?


1). Memorizing - this is absolutely the worst way to keep track of material. People are preoccupied with trying to remember the words to say and not the ideas behind the words (or with the audience). As a result, normal voice inflection disappears. With memorizing, mental blocks become inevitable. With memorizing it is not a matter of "will" you forget; it's a matter of WHEN!

2). Reading from complete text - Listening to someone read a speech or presentation is hated by most people. People say, "If that's all they were going to do is read their speech, I could have read it myself." I'm sure many of us have experienced this at least once while attending a conference or two. Below are some reasons why I believe people read poorly:

3). Using Notes - This is the most common way for remembering material. Using notes is better than reading since the speaker can have normal voice inflection and make more effective eye contact. If your notes are on the lectern, you probably won't move very far from them. If notes are in your hand, you probably won't gesture very much.

4).Using Visual Aids As Notes - Simple visual aids can effectively serve as headings and subheadings. Speak to the heading. Say what you want to say and move on. If you forget something, that's okay; the audience will never know unless you tell them.
Practice creating just a few meaningful headings to use and practice using only these headings as your "cues". This will take practice, but practicing using only these few words will force you to better internalize your speech.

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