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Things to do before starting a Job Search .

“Water water everywhere not a drop to drink”-Coleridge’s extremely famous quote is appropriate for the booming freshers who are being churned out after any regular and specialized courses. While within the ambit of the course the job world seems a Midas touch and  a will-o-the-wisp. The harsh coarse bed is interacted with when the potential candidate comes outside the umbrella of the privileges of the student life.

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The big gusto of God Particle !

“Man proposes and God dispossesses”-The age old proverb faced a somersault on Wednesday when at Geneva the CERN(European Centre for Nuclear Research) scientists claimed the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle popularly termed as the God Particle. The achievement can be solely compared to Columbus’s discovery of America. After the search for nearly half a century scientists at the world’s biggest atom smasher(the Large Hadron Collider) inside CERN brought out the eureka news of the discovery of the

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Google Brain has learnt recognising Cat Images.

The next time a cat “mews” do not shoo it away. On the contrary try to reflect the great upheaval it has created in the lab of the greatest search engine of the world GOOGLE. Yes,Google with its heuristic purpose of developing AI has created one of the largest neural network for machine learning by connecting 16000 computer processors which

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The Biotechnology and its scope.

The definition of biotechnology varies, but a simple definition is the use of living organisms by humans. It is a very interesting and innovative area of study. Biotechnology deals with the use of engineering technology on life forms. This stream has occupied almost all fields like agriculture, electronics, medicine, therapy etc. Now it is difficult to think about a field devoid of the contribution of biotechnology.

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