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Electrical Product
Jul 31 at 12:00 AM - Jul 25 at 12:00 AM
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Electrical Product
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Powder Coating Plant- We believe that engineers should be able to see for themselves the techniques and skills which will enable them to have the confidence to choose the system to suit their requirements to enable them to arrive at this important decision.



Eshisha Pen- The eShisha product is a revelation as it helps give smokers a real alternative to smoking cigerettes and even traditional shisha or hookah, which are both known to be harmful to the body.



Online Drawing Management- We are currently addressing one of these problems - managing Technical Drawings, Manuals and Documents for clients who are too busy to devote the required time.



Globe Control Valves- Originally we concentrated on design of new plant and the modification of existing plant and products. It was a formula which allowed the rapid growth of our company, the result of which was that in 1989 we were able to purchase new purpose built premises in Broughton Astley with in-house engineering workshops and testing facilities.



Intercom Ip - For over 20 years online security secure intercom has been one of Australia's most innovative design and installation companies in the fields of Intercom Security Systems, Paging over VOIP, SIP Intercom, IP Intercom, Commercial Intercom, Gate and Entry Intercom.

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