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What is a resume actually ?

A Resume is ofresumeten the first line of contact between you and the prospective employer. The main purpose of the resume is to get employer's attention which can lead to an opportunity for face to face  communication and in the end a job offer.  It is a means to present yourself in the absence of you.
So what is a resume actually ?

Resume is a piece of paper which contains your personal background and skill set acquired and experiences. It is your  personal marketing tool and you need to effectively  use it.

How resume works ?

For candidates

As said resume is the first line of contact for job openings, resume is required to be submitted for the current post by a potential candidate . For a single job many hundred's  of resumes are submitted . So for you the resume works as a marketing tool to get noticed in hundred's of resumes .

For prospective employer.

For the prospective employer a resume is a tool to eliminate poor candidates. Please understand that a poor candidates may not be poor in comparison to the
selected candidates in terms of skills set or experiences . He/She may get eliminated due to poorly written resumes.
 When an employer receives heap of resumes  they quickly scan each of the resume to eliminate resumes . The criteria they select is not to chose but to eliminate resumes.
Each resume hardly get 20 to 30 seconds for being selected or rejected . Typo errors and poorly written contents are the main reason for rejection.

What steps needed for a perfect resume.
Perfection requires patience and determination . The most common error in resume building is copy and paste method of forming resume. Every person is unique and so the resume should be also unique . And similarly every job requires a tailored resume for that job you shouldn't send the same resume to all the openings. Give some time on research  of the job opening and make amendment in the resume accordingly .

Always remember that a well written resume can increase the chances  for being called to an interview.


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