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Mistakes to avoid in your Resume .

Resume is the key to the gateway of Job interviews . A well written resume can bring you a lot of interview calls whereas a resume which has some mistakes in it can close the door for you.

Let’s analyze what are the common mistakes and its effect which can be avoided .


1. Typo errors : These are the errors which arises during typing . We should check the resume for these type of errors before submitting. The negative effect it makes on the employer is that you are not serious towards your job.


2.Spelling and Grammatical errors : These are the most common mistakes found in the resume.

Do not always rely on the inbuilt spell checker of the editor. Check the resume for the spell errors and in doubt of some meaning google it to know the exact spelling. Grammatical mistakes can be avoided by consulting and reviewing the resume by your friends or some person who knows the English well . This is not the case that you don’t know English well ,its a general tendency that what we write ,we think its right.


3.Objective statement : The objective statement should be realistic. The only objective that a candidate can have towards the employer is to increase the productivity of the company . So you should write the objective statement accordingly .


4. Lacking keywords : Resumes are called for a particular position having particular requirements . these Particular requirements are known as keywords . Lets assume that a position is open for Java having 3 yrs or more of experience . Here java and 3 yrs experience are the keywords . Your resume should contain these keywords . The reason is that as the technology has advanced sorting of resumes are increasingly being done by softwares called resume parser . And if your resume doesn’t contain the keywords ,its surely not going to be picked up by the parser.


5. References : Give references only when specifically asked . Its always better to have references in extra sheet of paper . References should be such that they should have weights and do provide the contacts number where they can be reached easily.


6.Contact information outdated or missing : Many candidates make this mistake which should not be there at the first place . They provide the mobile number which have changed or the email id which they don’t check regularly . The contact details should be the latest and real so that the candidate can be reached easily.


7.Too much information : The information provided in the resume should be to the point and accurate . There is no need to elaborate or exaggerate . The employer is only interested in the specific information and if he requires elaboration on any point he will ask it face to face in interview.


8. Focus on accomplishes not on responsibilities : the employer main concern is that what you have achieved in earlier life or job position. So clearly state that what you have achieved like first position in coding fest is always better than participation in coding fest .


9. Designing the resume : There are many resumes are which are designed like artwork . Think , Do the employer is hiring you for artwork . No he is interested in qualities which can be useful for the company. Ideally your resume should be clear to read and the contents well organised and bulleted . You can use some formatting but be sure that its done only for better organising the content not for artwork.


10. One size fits all resume? : Generally the candidates are in habit of sending the same resume to all the job positions . This should be avoided . Every position has its specific requirement so the resume should use the keywords mentioned earlier and then the objective statement should be also altered if required to suit the job position.


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