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Why Emotional Intelligence is necessary for Job.

also called (EQ - Emotional Quotient) is a newly skill set being measured for the recruitment in  organization. The term Emotional Intelligence is the combination of emotion and intelligence. That means how intelligently one can manage emotion

at workplace. Elements of emotional intelligence can be identified, assessed and developed at the individual level.

Emotional Intelligence briefly examines its two conceptual components namely emotion and intelligence and after it examines, these two important psychology determines separately, the synergy created by combining them into emotional intelligence becomes a very powerful positively oriented construct for the understanding and application approach to the organization.

Inputs for emotional intelligence are either negative emotions or positive emotions. Love, joy, happiness, affection and surprise all are positive emotions. Sadness, anger, fear, shame and disgust are negative emotions. These positive and negative emotions need to be handled in an intelligent way at the workplace.


Suppose a fresher just join a company as a developer and  he is not getting any help from his senior colleague regarding the work. Should  he complain to the manager?  Or he should use EQ.
Another example: one of your colleague insulting you in front of others colleague. What will you do? Will you fight with the colleague or use your EQ. Like this there are many examples where a candidate can use emotional intelligence effectively.
One more example: One colleague talking some objectionable word in front of a female colleague who is not feeling comfortable . Should you shout saying don’t talk like this or should you use your EQ.

There are lot of situations at workplace where we have to use our EQ. EQ comes just after IQ. IQ might be an inborn talent, but EQ is continuous process which can be developed throughout the life. Development of IQ is generally stopped after 18 to 22 years. But development of EQ starts after this age  and development continuous till death.

According to Daniel Goleman, a famous psychologist/journalist, emotional intelligence is
 “The capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships.”

The most important attributes which are widely used at workplace are:

a.       Self-awareness (Means self-understanding)

b.      Self-management (Solving more problem)

c.       Self-motivation (Overcome negative emotions)

d.      Empathy (Being sensitive to the feelings of others)

e.      Social skills (Social interactions)

Emotional intelligence has considerable appeal to the recruiters. Nowadays recruiters always look for the basic emotional intelligence attribute from the candidate. Because recruiters realised that IQ alone can not predict  candidate’s performance or success. So candidate needs to develop those attributes through professional course.

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