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How to improve Self Confidence

is a human inner characteristic which alone is capable of drive us to the peak of success. Can self-confidence be improved?

How to improve self-confidence? What is the role of self - confidence ? These are the questions which we will try to find out through this article  .

Students need to develop self-confidence as it have an important role in the business world. Confident people are more successful at work than the people who lack it ,because confident people are always motivated at work. That is the reason many professional colleges have taken initiative on developing self-confidence in students.

Self-confidence is an inner power which help student to belief in their own abilities to perform any task without afraid of risk of failure . Self- confident students focus on their strengths while managing their weakness. They enjoy challenging themselves with setting high goals. Student sometimes are confused with a difference between confidence and confidence with arrogance. Arrogance comes when a person feel insecurity and try to hide their insecurity with arrogance. The main difference is an arrogant person focus on looking good to be the best and a confident person focus on being the best.

Self-confidence can be developed by practice. The main two attributes of self-confidence are

(i) Competence : Competence defines necessary skills and abilities which will help to complete a task, and whether you have or not this competence.

(ii) Self-assurance : Self-assurance defines ones belief to have ability to complete a task, and where you have or not this self-assurance.


Suppose a professional student appear for an interview in MNC organization. Three cases will be considered for that professional.

Case 1 professional has required skills for job profile but has not belief to clear the interview. That means professional only with competence attribute.

Case 2  professional does not have required skills for job profile but has belief to clear the interview. That means professional only with self-assurance attribute.

Case 3  professional has both skills for job profile and belief to clear the interview. That means professional has both competence and self-assurance attributes of self-confidence.

First two cases professional do not deserve job. But in case three, professional deserve the job as having a balance on self-confidence attributes.

Here are  some tips which can help you to improve your self-confidence;

1) Good dress up always help you to feel more confident. When you feel that you look great with your dress then you won’t need to worry about your look during interaction with others. Ex: When you are appearing for an interview, if you are well dress up then you will have self-confidence about your look.

2) Walking style display ones confident. Normally if a you walk very slow, that means you don’t have work or any mission. Again if a person always walk head down, that means the person don’t have confident to see what is happing around him.  You can feel more confident by walking with purpose wherever you go.

3) Speak up during conversation. Many students afraid of speaking up in any session. You start your speak up at least one time in every session. Then you will find out it gets improve your self-confidence day by day. Ex- Start your speak up practice from your college session or group discussion etc.

4) Health is wealth. If you don’t feel well most of the time then you will suffer from low confidence. Exercise can help to remove all stresses mentally as well as physically.

5) Many students or professionals don’t like to sit at front row. This is a common things to avoid front row. But you can increase your confident level over the time by sitting at front row.

6) Always compliments people about their positive point than gossiping about their negative points with others. By doing this you will find out your own positive points and you will be more confident.

7) Never cry for what you don’t have. Instead you focus on what you haven’t achieved yet. Make a plan to achieve your goal and practice each plan every day and write down your accomplishments daily.

8) Practice to contribute to others. The contribution attitude make you feel that “you can do IT” “you can do it” “YOU CAN DO IT”. It will help you to remove your negative thinking from mind and make you more self-confident.

9) Create your own personal positive rules which will charge yourself. Always remind what you have achieved earlier and boost yourself by reminding.

Self-confidence level can be increased by practice and discipline. One can achieve success using self-confidence.

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