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Importance of Body Language in Interview

Candidate must aware of body language before going for an interview. They should recognize the importance of body language and its role in facing an interview.

Candidate must manage their body language for success in an interview. Body language is the communication of personal feelings, emotions, attitudes, and thoughts through body movement. So one should be prepare when entering into a interview room. This is a first chance to make a good impression to the interviewer.



The body language comprises the following parameters:

  • Facial expression (smile, nods)
  • Gestures (especially hand and arm movements)
  • Physical contact (handshake, patting)
  • Body movements
  • Postures (the way we stand)
  • Visual orientation (eye contact)
  • Spatial behavior (proximity, positioning)
  • Appearance (including clothes, type and style)


In an interview, the interviewer begins to assess the candidate as soon as he enters the room. So the actual interview time start as soon you enter into the room, walks, greets the interviewers, handshakes, take his seat, and by his facial expressions. We can not stop sending messages through our body language. So it is best to prepare sending right signals through body language before going to the interview.


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