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How Resume Can Influence Interviewer

Resume is the preliminary stage of influencing interviewer. You may give lot of information to impress the interviewer through the resume. But interviewer do not go through every word of the resume. They just spend 20 seconds or less time to review your resume. Does this seem unreasonable, unfair, unintelligent, and arbitrary?

Well, it is. It’s also a reality you have to live with. i.e.; you just have 20 seconds or less time that a television commercial to influence interviewer.That means you should make the resume interesting and valuable to the interviewer. The principle role of your resume is to highlight your value to a potential employer. To do that you just have to divide your resume in three section in which each section will be enough potential to influence the interviewer.

1) First section: Determine career objective 

In this section the career objective should be stated very clearly and specifically. The career objective gives first word to the interviewer about your thinking. It must be realistic and achievable. Generally it differs course-wise, department-wise and specialization-wise. So you must state it according to your course or department or specialization or interest to work field. Sometimes the career objective may change according to the job requirements or specifications.


2) Second section: Summarize your Academic, Professional and other Qualifications

In this section, academic and professional qualifications will prove your productivity and intelligence. You should clearly specify academic records, project work and any other technical or managerial qualifications. These show the employers that you would be a productive employee. If you have any training program and voluntary experience, all should furnish in this section. Some job profile may not need your some experiences, training program etc., on that case you may avoid those things.


3) Third section: Effectively summarize special interests, skills and achievements

In this section, your special interests, skills, achievements and accomplishments will highlight you position for applying job. Special interests point to your career goals. Achievements and accomplishments count your success rate. You may divide your areas of skills under the following sub heads: Technical skills, Management skills, communication skills etc. So choose this section wisely.

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