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Golden Basic Tips For Interview

Most of the time candidate misses their dream job due to unknown mistakes which are not noticed to candidate. Candidate may have good academic records and good communication skills. But, apart from, every interviewer looks basic behavior from the candidate who will must practiced in similar way after joining the company.


VTUBUDDY experts identified some basic behavior attributes which must be practiced by every candidate before going to the interview. Experts have named these  basic behavior attributes as "GOLDEN BASIC TIPS". These behaviors will give a first impression to the interviewer.

Handshake Confidently
After entering into the interview hall the candidate must greet all interviewer with handshaking. This is a first step to impress interviewers in 2 to 3 seconds with handshaking. So candidates must aware about the types of handshakes i.e, firm handshake, glove handshake, fingertip-grab handshake, palm up handshake and palm down handshake. Here are some examples:

  • Always use a natural smile with a firm handshake (recommended).
  • Never use glove handshake, fingertip-grab handshake, palm up handshake, palm down handshake and dead fish handshake in an interview. These handshakes might give a negative impression to the interviewer.


Don’t Talk Excessively
It is better answering a question directly. Do not take too much time for an answer. Over-talking takes a couple of forms:

  • If the candidate takes long time answering a question, then it assumes that the candidate can not get to the point.
  • If your talk shows nervousness, then it interprets you are covering up something.

The candidate can avoid either of these forms of talking excessively, practice answering questions in a direct manner.


Never talk negative about current or past employers/managers
When you are asked about your past employers or managers, never talk negative about them. If you talk negative then the interviewer will assume you may talk similar about them in future. It is better always show positive and tell their contribution or help in increasing your skills.


Be on time but not lately

Never gets late to arrive interview hall. Interviewer do not have time waiting for you in this competitive market. Many candidates arrive too early before schedule time to the interview hall. It gives a negative impression to the interviewer that candidate has lot of time to wait. So it’s recommended to reach interview hall 10 to 15 minutes before. In case you get late, just explain with a good reason even if interviewer doesn’t ask you at starting of interview.


Create a healthy relation in the interview premises
Sometimes the interview schedule may gets late or some other things may keep you irritating due to internal problem. Never shows your dissatisfaction to the receptionist or other in the office premises. You should just concentrate about the interview. Interviewer may monitor you through CCTV camera or may ask feedback about you from the receptionist.


Don’t talk salary unless you asked
Never ask about salary unless you are asked. The interviewer will ask about it if you are the right candidate. Most of the companies do not hesitate to pay for the deserving candidate.


Well prepared for interview
Prepare yourself with some prior knowledge about the company. You must show some interest which will reflect in the company.


Balanced eye contact
Candidate should maintain a steady eye contact. It gives an impression that you are attentive, confident and honest. But excessive eye contact may give a negative impression to the interviewer. Always balance your eye contact during interview session.

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