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Dos and Don'ts In The Interview

Every interview session has 20 to 40 minutes duration. These few minutes is very important to any candidate because s/he is another step closer to the job. A silly mistake can take away the dream job even after having a good interview session.

VTUBUDDY experts having a research on this 20 to 40 minutes interview session. The research explains what a candidate must do and don’t during this time interval.

  • Always enter into the interview room when you are told to do so.
  • Don’t forget to knock the door or taking permission before entering into the room.
  • Keep a pleasant smile on your face.
  • Greet everyone if interviewer more than one.
  • Don’t take our seat until you are told by interviewer.
  • Don’t rub your nose, eyes in the interview session.
  • Avoid cracking knuckles or keeping hands in the pocket.
  • Try to avoid drinking water during interview session.
  • If you are excessively thirsty then drink with permission only.
  • Don’t keep your bags or anything on the table.
  • Try to switch off your cell phone. Of you cannot switch off, put it on silent mode.
  • Never receive a call or check SMS in front of interviewer.
  • Try not to scratch yourself during interview session.
  • Never yawn in the interview.
  • If you develop sneeze, just use your handkerchief. But try to ignore it.
  • Never forget to carry a pen in the interview session.
  • Maintain a balanced eye contact.
  • Don’t chew gum, pan or other during interview session.
  • Never use strong perfumes or deodorants before interview session.
  • Try to avoid smoking just before interview session.
  • Maintain a proper dress code for an interview.
  • Speak clearly, gently and firmly.
  • Don’t leave your seat until you are told to do so.





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