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Common Four Interview Questions

Every interview must contain some common questions which are asked by any interviewer. Most of the time appearing candidate does not take those questions seriously before interview. They just spend time preparing with their respective subject or domain for interview. But those common questions give a first impression about the candidate before entering into the related subject or technical subjects.


VTUBUDDY experts suggest candidate to prepare the common questions very well. Some questions are explained as per expert’s suggestion:


Q1: Tell something about yourself.

Ans: This is the most common question during the interview session in any industry. The main objective of the question interviewer wants to know about the candidate before starting interview process. This is the first opportunity for any candidate to impress the interviewer. Candidate must need to complete this question answer within two minutes. The answer should well prepare with the relevant information with the applying job profile. Candidate may include briefly educational details, family background, likes and most importantly interests on the domain. These are the basic information interviewer expect from the candidate.

Q2: What are your strengths?

Ans: The answer for strengths is common for all candidates like; hardworking, positive, team player, good communication skills etc. But interviewer always want to hear some different from you. So always ask yourself what strengths you have for the appearing job profile. The answer should be related to your job profile and will contribute the organization.

Q3: What are your weaknesses?

Ans: This is very difficult answering this question properly. Interviewer wants to know how much you aware about your weaknesses. And if you aware than what steps you have taken to improve your weaknesses. Interviewers expect something related current appearing job profile and you are already process in improving weaknesses.

Q4: Why do you want to join this organization?

Ans: This is a tricky question about your interest to the organization. You can not answer properly until you have knowledge about the company. So you should study about the company before appearing for an interview. Your answer may include why the company attract you, company’s current domain how will help to develop your career or skills etc.

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