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Things to do before starting a Job Search .

vtu-job-search“Water water everywhere not a drop to drink”-Coleridge’s extremely famous quote is appropriate for the booming freshers who are being churned out after any regular and specialized courses. While within the ambit of the course the job world seems a Midas touch and  a will-o-the-wisp. The harsh coarse bed is interacted with when the potential candidate comes outside the umbrella of the privileges of the student life. The implication of Coleridge’s line at the beginning is imperative as the job market is full of scopes and opportunities,but the thorough knowledge and the reach becomes the hurdle for the candidates. Hence planning in the correct fashion is absolutely mandatory.


Now scopes for jobs are two folded-on the campus and off the campus. The first type is relatively easy going and gives an anchor to the candidates. Their primary confidence is being boost up and they get a platform to start. Confidence on oneself is the key to a successful interviews and impression management. Further students are on a better high as the competition is limited,that is to compete within a limited range.

The main turmoil starts with off campus job hunts.The prime focus is not just to get started but to get “ready” to get started. The first and foremost paraphernalia to be ready with herein is the “Resume”. A well designed resume highlighting the key points of the candidate along with the educational qualifications and achievements is to be prepared. A cover letter is the finesse to online applied resumes. The cover letter should be like the mission statement of a candidate-depicting the present state and outlining the future aims.Unnecessary detailing of the resume is to be strictly prohibited.


Self analysis and knowing his/her limitation is the next important thing required by the candidate.  The candidate must be aware of his/her abilities and disabilities and channelize to apply for the suitable jobs. A person’s coming to knowledge about his short comings is of utmost necessity and there’s no shame in not specializing in every sphere. For a person who has numerical acumen  financial jobs or obs relating to accounts are much preferred. Similarly people strong in communication and interpersonal skills should opt for  human resource or administrative jobs.If the character and context is mismatched its both disastrous for the candidate and for the company. The grooming for interviews is of utmost importance. The right dress to wear,the right posture to hold,the right accent to speak are all minute cubes making up the process. There are various courses nowadays for impression and personality management which one might opt for. Else being objective and alert will help one to achieve the desired end and this is much more prized a process than a commercial training.


Finally when the person is ready the practical job hunt begins. Since one is aware of one’s desired sphere the search for jobs will be accordingly issued.Technology being our soulmate these days the search for jobs begin with the job sites giving the relevant criterias that one wants. Its not jut by simply typing “jobs”that one founds the options for job vacancies and ways to apply.The candidate has to register himself or herself with a or in a number of job sites. There one will be getting the various types of jobs that are available in the market. One surely chooses one's desired stream and applies for it. The search can be according to domain like specialized fields as engineer,mbas or for general category like administrative ,accounting etc. One needs to forward the resume through the jobsites to the desired recruiters and wait for the interview call. Patience is the key at this moment as it takes time to process the application to the other end  Job alerts must be issued so that the fixation of interview schedule reaches one in no time and the time lapsed data is minimal.


Another very important way to go through off the campus job assistance is through networking. The age today is of IT  and in each nanosecond vital information are being emitted out. People already well settled in the corporates are persons of fresher hunters many a times.Hence it’s the duty of the freshers to associate with the experienced amateur recruiters through networking. Networking can be done through several ways. One easy way is to get through friends or known persons to the potential resourceful person. In this respect  a non formal recommendation is also obtained. Many companies hire people in vacancies through employee referrals. Networking comes in handy in such vital cases. Also through social networking sites networking is available. The age is one of branding and if one can shape and create an account worth attracting the recruiters then the rest is cake walk.


Further forced application also can be fruitful in some cases for freshers. When a candidate goes in person to apply to companies it shows his/her zealousness and aggressiveness for the job. Many a times this keeps the candidates in a favoured zone for the recruiter.Also another way to get in the eyes of screeners is through participating in online writings through blogs or articles or in online debates. These give the candidate a cutting edge and a better platform to start with as off campus job search is full of thorns an limitless competitions.


A very western concept of application is through resume banks. This is much similar to the Indian concept of blood banks. The resumes of candidates are to be submitted,the recruiters also submit their requirements and balancing is done accordingly. Potential candidates are always  kept in the pipeline. However the concept is not much in vogue here. We are much attuned to the commercial consultancies making their business in the market.


It must be pointed out that only and only applying for the desired job is not the be all and end all of the job hunting process. Any good process requires discipline and in this case it is about maintaining and following up. Candidates must be keeping an excel sheet the track of companies they had applied for,their email ids,the date of application,calls received,interviews given and follow up. The very call for an interview must be acknowledged by the candidate by sending a thank you letter to the sender. The immediacy of response works upon the minds of the recruiters.


However all these concepts are very much apt for corporate job search. In case of governmental jobs one needs to know about the vacancies through their chosen esteemed dailies ads in their online sites and persevere. One needs to prepare theoretically to clear  out the theoretical exam and then the interviews to enter in the governmental sector. And many a times the theory exams are many tiered. Patience and perseverance calls forth in this matter.many a times the time taken for preparation covers a huge time span.Also the recruitment process is quite time consuming.However the fruit one tastes at end is sweet.


The very selection of a fresher for a job is not the end of a job search. Rather its just a beginning. One must be in the continual process of learning and sharpening one’s skills and create new arenas of career growth,search out for newer pastures and keep up the spirit of hard work because as Shakespeare has said “sweet are fruits of adversity”.




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