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The Biotechnology and its scope.

Biotechnology The definition of biotechnology varies, but a simple definition is the use of living organisms by humans. It is a very interesting and innovative area of study. Biotechnology deals with the use of engineering technology on life forms. This stream has occupied almost all fields like agriculture, electronics, medicine, therapy etc. Now it is difficult to think about a field devoid of the contribution of biotechnology.


                If we are to think of security field where till date electronics ruled, and now it is the rule of bioelectronics rather biometrics. Reading of vision or fingerprints is being used increasingly as security checks in most of the highly secured areas. By the virtue of Agrobiotechnology we can get a better livestock (Better in quality and quantity). The destruction of crops by insects and pests can be reduced to a major extent without the use of chemicals.

                Today not only government but also every individual has become conscious about environment thus giving rise to biodiesel, bioplastics ,biogas etc. They are easily degradable as well as cause less harm to the nature.

                In the field of medicine the drugs today are more specific causing lesser side effects. This specificity is the gift of biotechnology. Various researches are being done on the genetics of various diseases and genetic engineering. This can be used as gene therapy to cure various diseases. Diseases like cancer which was said to have no cure is today curable due to gene therapy.

                The areas in biotechnology includes Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Cell biology, Immunology and Immunotechnology, Industrial biotechnology, Designing Operation of Bioreactors, Down stream processing, Bioprocess and control system, Medical biotechnology, Pharmacology and Phamacogenetics, Molecular Modelling and Drug Designing, Bioinformatics, Biometrics, Bioelectronics, Genetics, Gene Analysis and Cloning, Genetic Engineering, rDNA Technology, forensic Science etc.

                The scope of Biotechnology is majorly in research. However there are various Pharma companies looking for biotechs like Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy's, Pirmal etc. Various biotech companies have come up like Biocon, Biodesk, GVK bio etc. There are various bioparks that can be found in various states of India. Government Institutes like DRDO, ISRO etc are also in need of biotechs. A biotechnician can join forensics department of various institutes or governing bodies.

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