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The big gusto of God Particle !

“Man proposes and God dispossesses”-The age old proverb faced a somersault on Wednesday when at Geneva the CERN(European Centre for Nuclear Research) scientists claimed the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle popularly termed as the God Particle. The achievement can be solely compared to Columbus’s discovery of America. After the search for nearly half a century scientists at the world’s biggest atom smasher(the Large Hadron Collider) inside CERN brought out the eureka news of the discovery of the

new sub-atomic particle which was sought after for years with the Higgs boson, popularly known as the “God particle”. This discovery will lead to unlock queries such as why matter has mass and how life evolved on earth.

Fabiola Giannotti and Joe Incandela-the two master heads who holds the credit of finding and presenting the new astonishing data of finding the mysterious particle received standing ovation and loud cheers at CERN.The announcement was received as a historic moment and white haired veterans shedded tears of joy. Their earnest search has received a final solicitation with Wednesday’s discovery. The discovery is being held as a milestone in understanding the workings of nature. However scientists are now at a cautious platform. They are of opinion that now that the boson has been discovered its kind is to be inferred so that the riddles of the cosmos-like the mystery of the dark matter (consisting 25% of the matter of the universe but is unseen), antimatter (difference between matter and antimatter), super symmetry (theory that for every particle there is a heavier twin)-can be solved.

Now lets try to understand the in-depth of the “God particle” which is creating a buzz. In 1964 British physicist Peter Higgs postulated the existence of a particle which later came to be known as Higgs boson, that provides mass to otherwise massless particles. He was assisted by fellow physicists Francois Englert of Belgium and Robert Brout.  The Standard Model of Physics claims that the universe is made up of twelve fundamental particles and four fundamental forces. Higgs and his fellow mates projected another particle which came to be popularly known as the Higgs boson (boson named after the force carrying particles after Satyen Bose) that explained the most important property of all matter-mass. The name “God particle” of course was created by chance. In 1993 Nobel winning physicist Leon Lederman proposed to name his book-“The Goddamn Particle: If the Universe is the Answer, What is the Question?” But the editor changed it to “God particle”. Although misleading, the name stuck hugely.

The Standard Model of Physics provides that the Higgs boson is the only visible particle and is the combination of an invisible force field that vents out in space and imbues elementary particles that’s otherwise massless with mass. Particles moving through it would gain heft. Without the Higgs field elementary particles would have zoomed around with the speed of light. There would have been no atoms or life. The Higgs boson is theoretically responsible for mass without which there would be no gravity or universe.

CERN set up the Large Hadron Collider(LHC),the world’s biggest particle physics lab. It is a 27-km looped pipe set up in a tunnel 175 meters underground on the Switzerland-France border. It has four huge labs around the ring shaped tunnel near Geneva. The pipe’s circumference is 26,659 metres.It has 9,300 magnets inside it. The LHC’s four main experiments are the ALICE, CMS,ATLAS and LHCb looking after the Big Bang’s 4 aspects(dark matter,antimatter,the unknown, mass). On July 4th CMS(led by Incandela) and ATLAS(led by Gianotti)revealed the discovery of the Higgs Boson.To compute LHC’s data, tens of thousands of computers around the world are used in a computing network called The Grid. The LHC smashes proton particles at powerful speeds. Protons are present in the nuclei of atoms, the basic unit of matter. Protons are composed of even smaller particles: three quarks held together by massive gluons. Beams of hydrogen protons are accelerated in opposite directions at more than 99.999% the speed of light. The super-chilled magnets bend the beams so streams of particles collide within the four large chambers. Smashups generate temperatures 100,000 times hotter than the Sun, replicating just after the Big Bang that happened some 13.7 billion years ago. When some particles encounter the Higgs,they slow down after acquiring mass. Others face no obstacle. The detectors give 3D images of traces of sub atomic particles hurled out from protons’ destruction. LHC can generate 600 million collisions per second and there are 3,000 computers crunching the number to about 100 collisions. The appearance of the particle was hinted last year by the heads of both CMS and ATLAS. The two teams were working independently of each other to avoid biasness and encountered the new particle in mass region of around 125-126 Gigaelectron volts(GeV). However it was counted as a statistical fluke. However the new results led to a breakneck analysis by both the teams of some 800 trillion proton-proton collision over the last two years. Hence the historic announcement after the huge discovery was by default from CERN’s home turf.

The historic achievement at CERN has much more to the Indians than just the symphony of “God particle”.The discovery of the particle has the name of our very own and renowned Satyendranath Bose after which the boson has been named.Bose,worked with Albert Einstein, to bring out Bose-Einstein theory in the 1920s.His work on quantum physics  was so vital that the science fraternity named one of the subatomic particles after him. However when the big day came Bose’s name is totally in oblivion.But although Bose has not been given the due recognition, there are other reasons to be cheerful and keeping the collars high. The euphoria of the scientists at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics(SINP) knew no bounds with this discovery.12 SINP scientists were part of the 3000 strong CERN research team. Its Compact Muon Solenoid(CMS) team analyzed the datas.SINP team also set up detectors inside the LHC.They also analyzed the enormous volume of datas for the 18 year old experiment. A five member team at the institute is still actively involved in various aspects of the research.

With this basking glory the Indians and nonetheless the global citizens can look out for a better future.The otherwise shy person Peter Higgs jubilantly told the world that he had never expected the great discovery to happen in his lifetime,but still he said his family to keep some champagne ready in the refrigerator. The Higgs boson coming to existence now the world can come into a understanding of the great mysteries and rhythms of nature. The CERN is the abode of dream makers and executers. Its cosmoglobal(there’s statue of Nataraja in the CERN compound in tandava pose) intermingling churns out miracles from its frenzied fellow occupiers who are eager to bring out better understanding of the world  as time progresses. First it was the World Wide Web and then the “God particle”. The world now waits for bigger surprises. The “God particle” has been ironically the greatest providence of God and in this case the divine has not dispossessed mankind. 

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